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Checkmate! Career Strategists Job Search

Online Course 

This online course teaches you key strategies to dominate in your job search and land the job of your dreams with the salary you desire. Designed to allow you to work at your own pace, you will learn and be able to apply an easy to follow framework which you can apply to your job search.  Participants will also receive a discount code to purchase a copy of my new book, Checkmate! 8 Strategies to Dominate in Your Job Search. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, download the course outline. 

Checkmate! Career Strategists Job Search

Course Outline

Personalized Career Coaching

We are here to help you and we are dedicated to your career advancement. As an add on service to our online Checkmate! Career Strategist Job Search program, we provide personalized coaching to guide you through the course and support your career decision making process.  If you need an accountability partner, we are here.  Note that this offer is only available to those who are enrolled in the online program.

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